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  I am Rakesh Srivastava  (12 years old) from Chennai. I am looking for occluder or eye patch to treat amblyopia. Yes at this age, I am suffering from this disorder, in which vision through one eye fails to develop properly in early childhood. At first, I did not know anything about this disorder. But when I visited the clinics of Chennai, I got to know this, but they were unable to do anything.  My Mom and Dad had suffered a lot because of this problem of mine., I just love to play cricket, but at this age because of this disorder, I can’t properly throw or catch a ball instead.

All of my friends always insult me and I really feel bad. I become very sad because no one is there to help me out from this problem. One morning my father was reading newspaper from where he got the very good news. He became so happy and immediately called my mom, and my mom came and asked him about the reason behind his happiness.

He told us that my lazy eye can be improved. At first I did not get the clear concept, but my father gave that newspaper to me and I got to know about the famous Doctor named Dr. Sumitra Agarwal of Kolkata. In that newspaper, it was clearly written all about her and about her clinic. I also got her Contact from there, and my father immediately gave her a call and she told us to come to Kolkata and visit her clinic once.

That day only, we went to Kolkata by flight. We went to her clinic and she told us about this disorder, and gave me a special type of contact lens and spectacles. She also told us about the special treatment plans for people who don’t want to occlude or put drops to blur eyes. And today I feel very happy for getting my vision improved inspite of lazy eye. Now I can play cricket with my friends.  She also told us it’s very essential to have check up of my eyes regularly. So, I regular visit here clinic for my check up. Thanks You Madam.

Rakesh Srivastava


Artificial Eye

  Prasanta Ganguly (Male 16 years) Hello, readers I am Prasanta Ganguly from Madhyamgram, West Bengal. I was going with my friend on his bike and we met with an accident. Everything was tried but my eyes could not be saved due to perforating injury in my left eye. Slowly my eye shrinked and gave an ugly look to me. Though I was academically sound and accepted person many of my friends stopped talking to me. I felt my world has gone upside down from being accepted and appreciated, I suddenly became a person who was dejected by all. My known ones did not look at my face in the morning by saying – “If I see one eyed person in the morning, my day will go bad.” Some classmates were afraid of my ugly look. Few of my well wishers forced me to wear dark glasses but it affected my vision in better eye moreover dark glasses were a problem after the sunset. All these troubles continued along with my mental trauma of loss of one eye for 2 years. May be almighty God felt pity on me and I happened to reach Artificial Eye Co. where I got a customized artificial eye tailor made for me and Wao I could not believe I got back my previous look. I and my friends were very happy. My family was so happy that we thanked our Ocularist Dr S.Marda for the wonderful work she did. Recently I got the information that Artificial Eye Co. is going to launch its website. So, I contacted them and said I would wish to write a testimonial for them and I am thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to write here. Artificial Eye Co. is the name you can trust for restoring your lost beauty. Friendly environment and cordial behavior of the entire team made me feel at home. The process took 4 sittings and it was a new experience. The process was too much time taking and laborious, but thanks to the patience of the doctor she took immense care in delivering me life like artificial eye. Now after 2 years I am fortunate to get a new life which is wonderful and exciting as it was before. Thanks to Artificial Eye Co and Dr S. Marda for giving me and my family happiness which once faded away from our life.

Mr. Prasanta Ganguly