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A blind person has a vision. But a person without vision is blind even after having eyes
Have you remember school days? When your teacher teaches you genetic theory of Mendel. That time you may think what a boring chapter this is. If peas reproduce their heir in the ratio of 1:2:2:1 or 9:3:3:1. Then what happen to us? If Rabbit are born with colour blindness in alternate generation. Then what is the business with us? Yes! This thinking are rotate most of the kids. Even someone make fun about Mendel activities. But what happen if this chapter inculcate with you? 
Yes. This think happen with me. But seriously speaking I am not one of them who make fun with Mendel. Instead  In the amidst of rabbit race I focus more and more on number scoring subject to score more and more. That time I memorise this logic diagram etc. etc. to gain knowledge and accuracy y in exam. But rainy days are waiting for me and I am not prepared for it. 
I have hobby in painting from child days. I love it because it give me un-accountant pleasure. Initial days, I make picture with 6B, 8B, 10B pencil. Then I move to pastel colour, water colour. But when I draw picture with colour , my painting teacher always find some fault in colour. I can`t understand clearly what happen with me. May be I drawn it in evening, or in morning, or in noon, or in night etc. I find logic in my own mind. Days past, my confidence on colour continuously decreasing. In competition, instead of colour , I used pencil only and get second , third prize but never get first prize in any of the competition. My well-wisher, friends tell me why you are use colour? If you use colour no one can beat you. But I afraid, days passed. This story just a beginning. 
My hobby chapter End in class 9. As a competitive student to score more marks in secondary I leave all social activities in school after class 9. Focus more and study. I topped in school in secondary Examination. This is a remarkable achievement in my life because I want it from class 5, but never success, always rest on second, third. This give me a boost to study. I forget everything except study in class 11 and 12. Life continues as usual. 
Again topped in class 12. Being I serious student, every one encourage me to study engineering. I started a bad chapter in my life. Which I realize later. But forget this, continues with stories.
I get a form from my college to fill up all related information and to submit authorities within a month. In this form authorities want residential, medial school related information with proper attestation. I came home.
My father working in hospital. So I have no problem to get any medical checkup. I get all within a hours like blood, urine etc. etc. But opthalmogist came some later. I move to his clinic with my Dad. I remember that days clear now when opthalmogist test my eyes. First Distant vision test; Doctor tell me the number board which is stand after 12.5m. But In mirror it magnifies to 25m (This is property of mirror, which I already read in physics Optics chapter). Bad time start in my life when he open a book like photo album and tell me to read the numbers inside it. I can`t understand what this is because I have don`t idea about it.  I can`t see all the numbers except a dotted colour circle diagram. But my dad who is sitting beside me told me focus on the book this is 2, this is 3 etc. etc. But after focusing I can`t get it. Doctor says your son is colour blind. Don`t worry I give you normal report. 
I think you may have seen thunderstorm in rainy Days. Just a ample amount of light, then darkness and darkness. I just remember the Mendel when I just exit from the clinic. That time I can`t recall all the research about Mendel. My dad talked a lot with this doctor. He clearly says it`s a genetic disease. Its cant change. He is inherited with it. After returning home I open class 9-10 biology book. Read again, but there no much about this colour blind syndrome. As a get normal certificate, I submit it my college. Year is 2010.
My family response really cool. As they don`t know what is it. Initially after coming home Dad asked me individual colour which I give 100% correct answer. They also astonished, all thing is going as usual ways. But what is mistake?  Real thing is around the world 99% people don`t have a proper knowledge of what a colur blind is. They think colour blind person not see any colour. But the real think depend on brightness and contrast. 
This colour blindness never hamper my school life even college life also. As its don`t required that time also. As I said I recognize all the colour . How make it difference? Instead I appeared more colorfully during these days. Which I missed now.
In case of confidence same applied here. What happen if you show a AK47, Insus rifle, Loaded garner Tank, Missile, etc. etc. modern weapon to Tigers? As they dont know what is it. Its create a small entertainment for them although if we use that weapon its may create a biggest blow to them. As I have little information its gone like as usual ways. 
That time I don`t know what is internet, facebook, whats app (it`s launched later), you tube. Because I live in a semi-urban area in a border region of west Bengal and Orissa (Digha) . Socio-economic development not too much there spread around the region. MNREGA, Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana, etc. etc. regional develoemnt agenda till now not in the main line . Inspite political scenario of west Benagl move towards up. I am not search it anymore anywhere, because I have on source. I am not talked about this matter with any of my friends as doctors tell me its disease. I`m afraid of disease, I think it`s may create a “chay pe charcha ” within our friends circle. 
I forget everything. Days passed as usual even more adventurous ways, New friends, new laptop (which I take after 1st year), computer game, Robotics etc etc. which usually happen college days. I think you also well aware of this. No need to amplify this here. 
Year 2016. Now I not a fellow boy. I`m engineer; Mechanical engineer; B. Tech, M. tech. after the B. tech I focused on Govt. job.  Applied here and there to search for good job . 
I selected many jobs, but with the continuation upto selection list through prelims, mains, I eliminated. Few of them in interview, few of them in field round (armed forces). But real blow give me when I selected in Indian railways as a goods guard post. This notification came out in 2015 when I studied M. Tech. I am not noticed too much, just filled it . After selection they mail me for document verification. They uploaded all the required form in website, medical certificate is one of them. I realized this may kick me. I contacted a doctors through my Dad. He clearly declined to give me normal medical report. This time year is 2016, not 2010. I have strong believe in internet. During my college days when I face any problem, I just google it . It give me assured solution within a second. I search a lot in internet about remedies of this disease. But failed to manage it. Every forum tells it`s a blessings of God (negatively), its cant change. My all hard work, all Ethics, all inspiration just gone waste because of the conspiracy of the God. It`s a default syndrome which I can`t change if I sacrifice my entire life like Balmiki in Ramayana Days, Mahisasur in mythical story. Mahisasur also affected by conspiracy of God during distribution of eternity fruit. He is fighting for the change. And of course he changed it for few days. But Alas! I can`t change. My entire bhakti just disappeared within a few days. I became sadist, reclause boy. 
Coming to the condition of colour blind person. According to the medical report 8% of men affected by colour blindness   around the world. Colour blindness herited by X gene. As women have two gene (XX) , you rarely found female colour blind person. Most of the cases its men as they carry XY gene. In the series of colour blind most of the cases are red –green colour blind, there are also blue, colour blindness. 
Our govt. give reservation Quota to disabilities person which is constitute 2% people but they ignore colour blind person, as they can`t manage sympathy with their painful eyes. If you colour blind, most of the mass recruiter agency reject you at the last stage after lot of pain line defence, police, PSU etc. 
By the ways, days come for final Document verification. It`s in Guwahati. They send us for medical to Alipurduar divisional railways medical hospital. Where they are not clearly rejected me, but send me New jalpaiguri divisional railways medical hospital for remedical. I gone there. This doctor is like moral man. He is not saying me anything, except “we will contact you, later”. I know what happen later. Being a responsible serious candidate I know what wait for me later. 
I became furious instead of being nervous. I can`t see myself to lost in a battle due to lack of arms and ammunition. I find two or three doctors around India. Just quick round on them. They demand that it`s can curable 100%. I`m astonished. Is it true?  Woo…. I constantly monitoring them. Within few Days I realized yes, it`s possible. I get confidence in myself, something going to happen. 
I found many legend around the world. Those work really change the shape in medical history. From Charak and susrut in Ancient medical History to louse pasture to non-curable cancer, all of them get right direction in last stage. I think your (Dr. sumitra Agarwal) name come to the next list. May be you are the modern days VESTA (Roman goddess of Health) to came my life to recover me from this bloody situation. 
I am on the ways of treatment, just passed five days. Strictly followed the instruction from the doctors as its may give me a new birth. Don`t know what happen, what is waiting me for next. May be I am the next Julius Caesar to speak the world Veni, vidi, vici (`I came, I saw, I conquered).

Biswajit Ghosh


As per the topic given let me first say what do we mean Amblyopia. Amblyopia means lazy. This topic is given to me because I do have a Amblyopia eye or lazy eye. There are different circumstance of having a lazy eye and as we can see. Now a days almost all the peoples do wear glasses because of their amblyopia eye. It’s not in our hand to control Amblyopia as it can by not having proper diet, not drinking water which is required by the body as well as for the eyes and many such conditions are their by which you or one can be affected to Amblyopia or can have Amblyopia eye.

I too have amblyopia eye, it because i have Ptosis in my right eye. Due to Ptosis my right eye can’t open in a normal way. Ptosis is a condition in which the eye or both the eyes can’t open them selves by their own. Ptosis can be since birth or you be affected by Ptosis by having some accidents ete. So as I was saying I have Ptosis in my right eye so the eye can’t open properly as the eye can’t open itself so I was having difficulties in seeing from my right eye. Ptosis means the eye is closed so the retina of the eye don’t have any work to do so the retina just room here and there and as is don’t have any work to do so the vision gets affected. Like if you close a room for a long time then, when you open the room you will find it in a very bad condition. So same goes for the eyes if it does not have any work to do then it will get affected for sure. And if it have some work to do then you may not be affected by Amblyopia. As my right is closed since childhood so not only I got affected from Amblyopia eye but also I had squint. So, there are many things which one can be affected if they don’t use their eyes.

I went through a surgery of squint and did correctedit but after the surgery due to Ptosis the tuing was undergoing the same way again. I do consulted the doctors but they didn’t gave my such advicefor improving my vision or something like that. After having the surgery of squint when I checked my vision of my right eye it was some where in 6/18. I wanted to get it treated but didn’t had any way out how to get it treated any to make it to 6/6 which is actual vision which one should have. The vision of my left eye is 6/6 but the right eye was 6/18 because I had Ptosis in my right eye so I didn’t know that my vision is getting worse day by day. I have consulted alot of doctors in my life but all of them said the same thing that they can’t help me out. 

One day when I was returning home disappointed from a doctor’s clinic I did stand searching about all this stuffs on internet. And saw something named artificial eye clinic and found it useful and took the contact details and address and went there for a last try. Went I  reached there I couldn’t believe that I who has went almost every where for the treatment have a clinic near by who can actually help me out. I went to the doctor told her everything which i did in past and the result which I got was awesome. Not only the doctor said me that she will make my vision 6/6 but also she will give me a Ptosis crutch by which my right eye can open whenever I will wear the glasses. I started the treatment then i their. I was in 6/8 vision but she gave me some medicine, some exercises to do and a diet chart and it shocking that today my vision is 6/9 which means am close to 6/6. Because of Amblyopia eye I had many difficulties like headache, can it read things properly etc.

I can say any thing that when I lost all my hopes and thought I can’t cure my Ptosis nor my vision I got this Artificial Eye clinic which just changed my entire life. The thing which I can’t do by visiting doctors in different locations she did it right away. Not only she cured my vision but she also made me look normal like others by giving me Ptosis crutch. My wearing Ptosis crutch I can look normal and my right eye also do function properly so i won’t have squint or Amblyopia eye any more and I also can see some improvement in my Ptosis. Firstly my eye didn’t open but now my right eye do open to some extend.

DR.SUMITRA AGARWAL, I am blessed having such good or you can say such awesome doctor for my treatment. Thank you so much Ma’am for helping me out. 

Amblyopia Petition