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Silicone Pregnancy Belly


Hello ! I am Rajib Gupta, a resident of Delhi. Since long time me and my wife was in trouble. We are married couple and we have spent 10 years of our marriage, we still don’t have any baby, because my wife could not conceive. We have tried lot of mthods of treatment like ayurveda, homeopathy and so many home based remedies but nothing worked. Then we thought of testube baby. This was when we got in touch with eminent infertility specialist in Delhi, but she could not do anything  since there was congenital defect in my wife’s uterus. Neither we were able to find the proper treatment nor we got any solution of this problem. We were offered to go for surrogacy, since we had healthy gamete cells. We started the surrogacy process.

In our present society, everybody blames a lady for not having a baby. My wife suffers a lot due to this problem. Although surrogacy was in process but I was always tensed that how will my family and other people feel that my wife is pregnant. I searched over the internet if there is some solution and I came to know about the city of Joy Kolkata. I got the contact of well known doctor of kolkata named Dr. Sumitra Agarwal.

We immediately gave a phone call to her, and she told us that false tummy is commonly used by women who are opting for surrogacy to have a child. We immediately ordered the complete package. So my wife used the false tummy around her waist from the first trimester itself. Wearing a false tummy was easy and comfortable. It felt like completely natural, even on touching it felt natural only. 

And we also get to know that best quality silicone pregnancy bellies are available with Dr. Sumitra. Inspite of bellies many such artificial products are available here. Thanks a lot Dr Sumitra for the concern. Me and my wife are now very happy to have a baby.

Rajib Gupta