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Silicone Belly


Hello guys! I am Ragini Sharma. I am a resident of Mumbai. I live with my husband. From about 8 years, I and my husband was suffering from the trouble of not having a baby. We secretly consulted with some doctors and tried the available processes like folliculometry, ICI, AIH, AIHD, AID and what not, all sorts of processes I hate. On the other side the behavior of my father in law and mother in law also changed towards me. They always blamed me for this problem. Me and my hubby, both of us were very much tensed because of this problem. We decided to consult with an expert doctor about this problem.

After a week, we got appointment from the expert doctor. After meeting him, we came to know that I am suffering from the problem of total infertility. He suggested us the only way through it, is surrogacy and we should to go to Kolkata and consult with Dr. Sumitra Agarwal for artificial belly, to meet the social requirement and psychological support.

That very day, my husband contacted Dr. Sumitra Agarwal and she invited us to Kolkata. Without wasting much time, we went to Kolkata and met her. She described us about the process and also told us about the fake bellies.

She also described what are Fake bellies, how to use them. It is used by women who goes for a surrogacy to have a child. So I wore a false belly for the entire duration of the pregnancy of the surrogate. Wearing this false belly gave me the real experience. Additionally it supported me to participate in all religious ceremonies related to my pregnancy like ‘godbharai’.

I thank Dr. Sumitra Agarwal for helping us to solve the biggest problem of our life. Today, me and my husband are very happy to have a baby. Also, my parent in law has started behaving lovingly with me. I once again thank Dr. Sumitra Agarwal for helping us enjoy the social recognition.

Ragini Sharma


Silicone Belly


Hello everyone. I hope you guys are doing well. Myself Anjali Yadav, resident of Bangalore. What to say about myself. Since long years I am living a worst life. I have never seen such a phase in my life. My husband does not live with me because I can’t conceive.

Not only my husband but my whole family and relative members have left me alone to face this problem. I have tried much but found no other way to get rid of this problem. I have PCOS. I contact each and every doctors of Bangalore who are very experienced in solving infertility problem, but no one is able to do anything for me. I have even undergone drilling operation.

So, I left and felt that it is impossible for me to conceive. One evening I was sitting alone and thinking about my future, what is going to happen with me. Suddenly one of my best friend shreya came to my home and after seeing me in this situation, she decided to do something for me.  Hence, she came forward and put her hand on my shoulders and told me that she has a way by which I can become a mother.

Without wasting much of my time I asked her the way. She told me that there is a famous doctor of Kolkata named Sumitra Agarwala who deals with this type of problem and provides the best products suitable for the patients.
And finally shreya told me about prosthetic or fake silicone bellies which look natural and real, which dr Sumitra provides. So without wasting my time, I went to Kolkata with my friend and visited her clinic. She welcomed both of us and explained all about the surrogacy term and about the bellies.

After listening to her, I decided to wear belly over my waist for the entire duration of surrogacy. I felt it natural, flawless. I informed my husband everything and by God’s grace he felt happy. Then we continued with surrogacy. In meantime my inlaws too accepted me. It was a great experience for me. I felt very good. Once the baby was born everyone become very happy and accepted me and my baby.  And now we all are enjoying our life. Thanks to Dr Sumitra for giving me a new life and a ray of hope. 

Anjali Yadav