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Color Blindness Test


It was one year ago when I was suffering from color blindness. I did not know that I am having color blindness. I came to know that I am suffering from this disease when I applied for Government job. I applied for the post in Group A. But I was rejected. I cleared the written examination but I was rejected in medical exam. They told me that I am suffering from color blindness. They get to know that with the help of Ishihara book. The book contains a circle of dots with a number written in it with a different color. But I was unable to see that numbers. I was shocked to know that I am suffering from color blindness. Till now, I had a belief that I was able to see all the colors but Ishihara book proved that I have color vision deficiency. 

After returning home, I told about it to my parents. They were also shocked to know that I am suffering from color blindness. They also became tensed like me. That day I searched for this term “Color Blindness” on Internet. I got lot of information about it from there. I was very much tensed while reading about it. I feared that I have to live all my life with color blindness. I was feared that it cannot be treated. Then I changed my topic of search. Now I started searching for “Color blindness treatment”. Then I came across a site “Artificial Eye Co”. I read there that they have treated many people suffering from the same disorder. From the site, I got the contact details of Dr.Sumitra. I called her and fixed the appointment day.

Dr. Sumitra explained me clearly how it can be treated. I agreed for the treatment. I am under her treatment and now I am able to differentiate between all the colors. I can read the Ishihara book easily. She also advised me for a checkup once every 6 months.

Vikash Agarwal


Color Blindness Treatment

  I am Dipu Singh from Roorkee, Utrakhand, Haridwar When I came to Artificial Eye co I was not able to see plates of Ishihara test chart for colour blindness. But after the treatment done at the centre I was instantly able to see the plates correctly and I am happy and feel so relaxed and comfortable to read the plates by my own eyes. Its so unbelievable. Thank you Artificial eye Co and Dr Sumitra for correcting my colorblindness.

Dipu Singh