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Artificial Stock Eye

Artificial Stock Eye

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0.08 at -3.00


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Readymade artificial eyes are made in large quantities and are called stock eyes. These are available in the market since 40-50 years. Though they are cheap and easily available they cannot be fitted to all. Cases like eyed since birth which is called anophthalmos or shrunken socket, lower lid sagging down and other special cases can be fitted with stock or the readymade eye. Readymade eye comes in a Pack of 50.

They come in assorted sizes.

Standard sizes are 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm

Custom sizes are also possible. 16mm, 18mm.

Apart from the sizes of the eye. We also have different iris sizes.

Sizes as per Iris sizes: 10mm Iris size, 10.5 mm Iris size, 11mm Iris size.

Based on the color of iris also the artificial eye varies.

Iris colours available are black, brown, light brown, light blue, green, grey, hazel.

Standard iris size is in ratio with the eye size.

Eye having a size of 20mm has 10mm Iris size.

Eye having a size of 22mm has 10.5mm Iris size.

Eye having a size of 24mm has 10.5mm Iris size.

Eye having a size of 26mm has 11mm Iris size.

Eye having a size of 28mm has 11mm Iris size.


These boxes of artificial eye is useful for Ophthalmologists who can fit ready high quality custom made stock eyes, it is also useful for the optical stores who want to fit artificial eyes to one eyed people, even it is useful for optometrists who practice independently and want to fit artificial eye to one eyed patients.

The boxes of artificial eye must be available at all the eye hospitals for helping the people with immediate options and also for the people who cannot afford the cost of customized artificial eye.

A pack of 50 artificial eye can also be bought by individual patient and he can try on and wear the most suitable eye for himself. We have a policy for patients they can give us their specifications like- colour of iris, size of iris and which eye is missing accordingly we can send them a set of eyes and they can choose from it and help them immediately before they could plan to visit an ocularist or an oculoplast surgeon or an eye doctor or an eye specialist or an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.


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