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Sponge Breast Prosthesis

Sponge Breast Prosthesis

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Mastectomy Non-Silicone and Foam Breast Forms “SPONHYBREAST” – Right after surgery, a very light weight (Feather weight) form is recommended.

Light Weight non-silicone or sponge prosthesis or microfibril breast prosthesis. It is called soft, light weight breast padding.

Sizes -


Advantages -

a. It should be worn for atleast 6 to 8 weeks before starting to wear a regular prosthesis.
b. It can be worn immediately after surgery.
c. It is very light in weight
d. Its size is adjustable as per patients need.
e. It can be worn during slepping hours.
f. It is washable.
g. It is available at very economical rate.

Indications -

a. Indicated in post mastectomy patients immediately after mastectomy.

b. In one single surgery where one side of the breast is removed, patient needs to balance the weight of the body, otherwise posture of the lady affected due to mastectomy. The imbalance of the body following a surgery develops along with musculo-skeletal problems like back, shoulder and neck problems in the form of pain, one shoulder drops down and inward while the other risesup.

c. In removal of one side of breast, you can choose to wear a heavy weight sponge mammary prosthesis or external silicone breast prosthesis.

d. When both the breast are removed you can decide to wear any weight, any size and any natural looking breast prosthesis for perfect breast shape.

e. Sponge breast prosthesis can be tailor made in case of partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. This breast form is of light weight than regular prosthesis breast forms and is specially designed to supplement the existing breast tissue.


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