Artificial Eye Making Products

We are Kolkata (West Bengal) based Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of Artificial Eye Making Products. Our range encompasses Artificial Eye Flasking Unit, Artificial Eye Grinder With Polisher, Artificial Eye Hand Motor, Artificial Eye Iris Button, Artificial Eye Suction Cup and Artificial eye making wax. We provide complete Artificial Eye making setup with all technical assistance.

  Our Ocularistry Products Include

  • Tropicalgin
  • Impression tray
  • Wax - blue wax, molding wax or base plate wax, carving wax.
  • Colors - dry color pigments.
  • Fine brushes
  • Finishing products - polishing cake, liquid polish, luster
  • Flasking unit - metal flask
  • Polishers - fine polishers (burr)
  • Iris unit - metal iris buttons, painted iris button, ocular black disc.

  Lab accessories

  • Sand paper or emery sheets

  • Separating sheets

  • Vein thread

  • Micro torch

  •  Lighter gas to refill the micro torch

  • Suction cups

  • Hydraulic press

  • Lathes


  • White polymer base PMMA
  • Clear polymer

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