Artificial Eye Maintenance

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  We provide all artificial eye users FREE servicing, cleaning and polishing of their artificial eye.

  Artificial Eye Co is delighted to start an Artificial Eye Maintenance process for all artificial eye users.

  Anyone who is wearing an artificial eye can avail this facility. You need to call us and schedule an appointment for yourself and come on your scheduled date and time and get your eye serviced, cleaned and polished absolutely free. Do you remember your first experience of wearing an artificial eye or scleral shell? A sense of fear, confusion, worry, anxiety along with a sweet feeling of happiness must have overpowered you during the delivery of your first artificial eye. And guess what the most fearful thought was about removing the artificial eye and cleaning it. You must have once or more got nervous when you were unable to put the eyes inside the socket. And many times you must have found it difficult to clean the hard protein deposits on your artificial eye. Artificial Eye Co is here to provide you proper scientific and technology based guidance of wearing, removing and cleaning your artificial eye. Dust, dirt and discharge in the better eye is usually noticed faster as compared to the artificial eye and socket. The discharge from socket gives a filthy look and it becomes necessary to clean it. Care and maintenance of artificial eye is a unique domain which needs equal importance as making of an artificial eye.


  Cleaning the socket, eye lid and eye lashes - Put cotton in boiling water to sterilize it for 10 minutes and then cool it. Clean eyelid, eyelashes and socket with wet cotton. Cleaning the artificial eye - First soak the eye in saline water and then clean with warm water and soft cloth. Cleaning the artificial eye in public place - Close your eyes first and wipe from outside to inside that is from ear side to nose side otherwise it is possible to depress the lower lid which might result in rotation or coming out of your artificial eye.

  Periodic cleaning of an artificial eye?

  Ideally once in 6 months you should get your artificial eye serviced.

  How to know when you should go for servicing of your artificial eye?


  • Most of you might be experiencing irritation, itching, excessive discharge and watering from the eye. All these problems may be overcome by servicing of your artificial eye.
  • Protein deposition on the artificial eye which cannot be removed easily or completely and may require servicing of your artificial eye.
  • Irritation to the eyelid may occur due to dullness of polish of the artificial eye, and may require re-polishing. By wear and tear artificial eye loses its luster and may need repolishing.
  •  When artificial eye develops a scratch it needs servicing.
  • We also provide a travel kit. A Travel kit contains “Lubricating eye drop, 2 suction cups, cotton, tissue paper, 10 moistened lid scrubpads, container to store your backup artificial eye, 60ml soft contact lens solution for cleaning the artificial eye. Anyone can buy this Travel kit from us.

  Do's and Dont's

  Clean with normal saline water Do not use alcohol or chemicals to clean the artificial eye. Also avoid contact with hair spray, aftershave, peroxide and perfume.

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