Silicon Artificial Belly


  Don't Worry. You are at the right place now. People who come with expectations and believe to have baby, got the baby from the surrogate and went back with the secret intact. We see in movies and television programs that false tummies are used to show pregnancy but in real life also we at times medically or socially need to take the help of false tummy. False tummy or fake tummy is commonly used by women who are opting for surrogacy to have a child but due to social bindings she has to make her in-laws believe that she is carrying the baby and not some other women. Due to the traditional culture of our Indian society it becomes difficult rather impossible for in-laws and relatives to accept a surrogate. To bridge the gap between infertility and motherhood these ladies have to take the support of false pregnancy bellies and employ a surrogate to deliver the baby. No matter how educated a women is, no matter how well established a women is, her inability to bear a child brings lot of disappointment in her life especially from her in-laws. Mr. Dinesh Neogi, "My wife is an Electronic Engineer and is employed in a well renowned company. But she did not have a uterus and my parents would never accept the child was born through another women's womb. Since me and my wife used false tummy around her waist for the entire duration of pregnancy of the surrogate." Mrs Puja Neogi, "Wearing a fake tummy was an excellent experience. I felt I am actually carrying a baby."

  What to do if I am not getting pregnant?

  Usually married couples plan to delay pregnancy. They take pills and some other precautions to avoid pregnancy and assume that they will become pregnant once they stop their protection, be it pills or any other method they would become pregnant. And once they stop protection and plan the baby and are unable to achieve pregnancy for 1 or 2 months they usually tend to start thinking otherwise. But this practice is wrong. Being obsessed after just a month or two of trying to conceive without success is not justifiable. Doctors usually suggest that atleast 1 year of trying to conceive with no success is a matter of concern and worry but no before that. You should show to an obstetrician or reproductive endocrinologist.

  Is female responsible for not having a baby or for not conceiving?

  Its common to blame woman for not having a child by the in-laws, relatives and society. But the fact lies that woman alone is not the only reason for not conceiving. Woman also curses and blames herself for being childless. Statistics suggest that 35 to 40% cases with infertility issues are due to man, another 35 to 40% woman is responsible and rest is due to conjoint factors of both man and woman.

  Whom should I approach to know about our problem realted to conceiving?

  You should best approach a reproductive endocrinologist and get both you and your spouse checked.

  What is silicone pregnancy belly bump?

  If you are fed up and frustrated from trying to get pregnant and has failed and feel that your dreams of becoming a mother is not going to come true due to biological reasons then you must think of surrogation and use silicone pregnancy belly bump. Our high grade silicone belly bump is an alternative to simulate real pregnancy.

  Can anyone know that I am not really pregnant and I am using a silicone belly to simulate real pregnancy?

  People will believe that you are pregnant. It is not possible for people to know that you are using false belly for following reasons - a. It imitates the natural shape of a real pregnancy bump. b. The feel and touch of the fake silicone belly is same as real pregnancy belly. c. The belly moves and jiggles like an original belly. The bounce, shape and feel provide same homogeneous structure as the natural tummy. No risk of belly falling off or moving around while walking or sitting and no uncomfortable sweat patches. d. Its special design increases the waist size and fits in the central part of the tummy, enhancing the shape, adding size while covering the natural button and gives a new shape and size. e. It discretely enhances the natural tummy in any clothing whether it is a t-shirt or any other top or sweater. f. It has natural looking button. g. Surface of the tummy is matt with no wrinkles to simulate the skin texture.

  How to wear the belly?

  The silicone belly can be easily placed on the natural tummy and attached with the help of Velcro straps together.

  Advantages of Velcro straps

  The Velcro strap is attached to the sides of the silicone belly for the placement of the silicone belly. The two wide strap attached to its side helps in in adjusting the size as per your waist size and comfortability.

  Why us?

  SumitraS-1 Prosthesis is a sister concern of 10 years old Artificial Eye Co and apart from fake silicone belly prosthesis we are involved in different prosthesis including artificial eye, artificial ear, artificial finger, artificial nose, artificial breast, cranial prosthesis.
You will get following benefits with us - a. We help to strengthen the emotional bond between the mother and her baby and surrogate. b. We help you to fulfil your personal desire to be pregnant and dreams of pregnancy. c. Our bellies are made of high quality silicone. d. Our belly is comfortable and made of breathable fabric. e. Our belly is safe to wear all day. f. Your privacy is important to us. You and your secret will be kept confidencial. Neither we disclose your details to any 3rd person nor we provide any media interviews regarding our patients. g. Our tummy will bring back your position and importance in your family and social relations and you would have such a tummy whivh could even misguide the most experienced old woman and make her feel its your natural tummy. h. Our tummy is not very heavy to produce backache or other injuries. it naturally fits to your body and imitates the natural look and feel of a real baby tummy. i. Our baby bump replicates the natural movement of real baby bump rather than clinging to the cloth. j. Our false bellies provide realistic pregnancy belly sizes and depth as per term of pregnancy. For 2 to 4 months of pregnancy that is for First trimester the belly size is increased by approximately 4.4cm and the weight of the prosthesis is about 950gms. For 5 to 7 months of pregnancy that is for Second trimester the belly size is increased by approximately 4.8cm and the weight of the prosthesis is about 1500gms. For 8 to 10 months of pregnancy that is for Third trimester the belly size is increased by 7.7cm weighing 2500gms.

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