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The Director of Artificial Eye Co aspires to do something more in the field of prosthesis. After repeated efforts from 2006, 2013 has seen the golden day when our centre has made its first finger prosthesis. Our facial and somato prosthetic unit is making artificial eye, orbital prosthesis, nose prosthesis, ear prosthesis, cranial or hair prosthesis, artificial finger and breast.

  Why us?

Our prosthesis is made with utmost care. The prosthesis is made by crafting silicone, so as to give a fleshy rather than carved or crafted appearance. Our team puts their immense effort by maintaining opacity translucence balance, hue, chroma and anatomical form.

  Orbital Prosthesis

When a patient has to face the world with loss of an eye, it is a traumatic event for the patient as well as his family. The disfigured eye or an empty socket makes it difficult and embarrassing to interact with strange people and meet them. A feeling of loss of self belief and depression over rides the whole family. Orbital prosthesis is of immense help in case of excentration where the eyeball is removed along with the orbital contents thereby producing a gross disfigurement. Spectacle mounted orbital prosthesis is the prosthesis of choice, wherein the periocular tissues like eyelids, and eyelashes are mounted on the spectacle along with the artificial eye. Utmost care is taken to match them in terms of color and texture to the surrounding tissues and the fellow orbit.

  Nose Prosthesis

Nose prosthesis is indicated when surgical reconstruction of a nose is not viable or not preferred by the patient. Artificial nose prosthesis is made with the help of medical grade silicone and matched with natural skin tissue and is attached to the spectacle.

  Artificial ear or Auricular prosthesis

Since we have 2 ears, there has to be symmetry between the prosthetic ear and the natural ear. Asymmetric ears can be easily identified by the patient and the observer. Our expert takes special care in making the prosthesis by keeping correct opacity translucence balance, color, chroma and anatomical form.

  Cranial Prosthesis

A cranial prosthesis or hair prosthesis is a custom made natural looking wig which is made up of human hair woven into a prosthetic scalp that is especially created to fit the shape of the patients scalp. We specialize in cranial hair prosthesis also called custom made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatment such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillamania, chemotherapy or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss.

  Breast prosthesis or breast form

After mastectomy some women choose to have breast reconstruction to restore the look and feel of the breast that is removed. Some patients who do not wish to have reconstruction, breast prosthesis is a good option. We custom make breast prosthesis of sponge and silicon. Sponge breast prosthesis comes in different sizes which can be directly fitted into a bra and they can also be washed. Silicon breast prosthesis can be attached with the help of adhesive directly to the chest wall.

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