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Are you amblyopic?
Is your child Amblyopic?
Lazy eye?
Are you looking for occluder or eye patch to treat amblyopia?
Do you know your occluder is not going to help you in treating amblyopia?

Read this article to know more

  What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia or lazy eye is a visual developmental disorder in which the vision through one eye fails to develop properly in early childhood. It manifests as reduced vision in one or both eyes that is not correctable by glasses, contact lens or eye surgery.Most important fact about amblyopia - Amblyopic or lazy eye fails to work not because it’s lazy but because it's actively inhibited by the fellow, sighted eye.

  Age of correction –

From your doctor - You must have heard about the critical age for the treatment of amblyopia. Some doctors say that severe amblyopia, is highly resistant to reversal in adulthood. Below age 13years vision therapy shows greater chances of improvement in visual acuity.But the fact is somewhat different - Our brain can be trained to see at any age. There is probably no age-limit to treating amblyopia successfully and effectively.Take Home Treatment for Amblyopia Management can help in improving vision loss due to amblyopia at any age.

  Psychological impact of occlusion an patching on children-

  •  Child protest and deny to patch.
  • Patching causes a serious social and psychological impacts on children and parents.
  • Child is teased in school. Child hides his face, does not want to interact with anybody. A feeling of lowness prevails and has lot of negative impact on their brain.
  •   Occlusion in amblyopia has many many disadvantages –

    No matter how many eye doctors you visit you are just told to occlude the better eye.Improve your vision in amblyopic eye by Occlusion- THIS IS WHAT YOU ALL KNOW FROM YOUR DOCTORS. Theory behind occlusion is to force the weak amblyopic eye to work better.But the fact is - Amblyopia is not just a problem with one "lazy eye" - It is a problem where both eyes are not working together. So occlusion is not sufficient enough to improve your child's vision.Most of the children who improve their vision by Occlusion experience a decrease in visual acuity in their treated lazy eye during the weeks and months after the occlusion treatment is stopped.

      How do we treat Amblyopia at Artificial Eye Co

    In Amblyopia not only the visual acuity but also –

    • Visual performance is affected.
    • Reading is affected.
    • Eye–hand coordination is affected.
    • Depth perception is affected.
    • Spatial judgment is affected.
    At Artificial Eye Co we work on all these parameters to bring back visual acuity along with binocularity, eye hand co-ordination, depth perception and spatial judgment is also improved at the end of the treatment.Computerized and non-computerized treatment is done to get best results in shortest time.

      Treatment plan

    At first we do the best possible spectacle or contact lens correction. Then the visual acuity is checked and active vision therapy is done to improve binocularity.Our unique treatment is based on vision therapy and we work on improving vision for near, intermediate and distance. We not only train your eyes but also your brain to see better.We have special treatment plans for people who don’t want to occlude or put drops to blur the eye. The patient needs to come to our centre for the treatment where we train the eye and the brain to improve the vision and binocularity.

      Adult Amblyopia

    At the age of 7, our eyes are completely developed. And nothing can be done to improve your vision after 7 years of age. - Do you also believe this?Don’t worry our visual skill can be changed, enhanced, and developed throughout life.

      Treatment of Adult Amblyopia –

    If you are adult and sufferings from amblyopia are you finding difficulty in…..?

    • Throwing, catching or hitting a ball
    • Driving and parking a car
    • Planning and building a 3D object
    • Difficulty in sewing and threading a needle
    • Reaching out to shake someone's hand
    • Pouring into a container
    • Climbing stairs
    • Difficulty in reading -The letters spill over into one another and crowd one another out.
    Studies say that amblyopic eyes cannot learn to see because signals to the visual cortex are suppressed by the contralateral eye. The brain's plasticity enables it to learn how to blend competing images from both eyes into a single image.

      We train the brain to start using the bad eye.

    “Take Home Treatment for Amblyopia Management”
    Is a solution for you.
    Contact our expert for further details.

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