Artificial Eye

Often it is said that eyes are the window to your soul. It however does not imply that people who have lost one of their eyes have any less of a pure soul than the fortunate ones. The loss of one eye is such a traumatizing experience that it can truly be felt only by the one who has gone through the personal loss.The tragedy of losing an eye not only results in reduced vision but it is also the harbinger of a lifelong stigma.But life has the tenacity to move on. We, at give the one eyed individuals an opportunity to reclaim their lives back. With utmost dedication, complete end to end solutions are extended to patients suffering from both reduced vision and vision loss.

Still apprehensive whether you should wear an artificial eye? You should! Read on to know why.
  • It prevents other soft tissues from collapsing.
  • Shape and contour of eyelids and eyelashes is maintained by preventing them from turning in.
  • Artificial eye facilitates proper tear circulation that helps clean and lubricate the socket and lids.
  • It facilitates your cosmetic beauty to bring back your lost confidence.
The varied reasons why you should order yours today
  • The artificial eye we make can withstand rain, the glare of the sun and the cold
  • It can adapt to socket temperature and refrain from damages.
  • Made from bio compatible materials, it brings about no allergic reactions.
  • It successfully resolves the problems of watering and discharge omnipresent with faulty artificial eyes.
  • Our specially designed artificial eye is crafted using revolutionary techniques. 
  • Our research and development team have dedicated more than a decade in designing state of the art array of products.
  •  Do you want coloured contact lenses? Allow your ocularist to make your artificial eye in the choice of your coloured lenses. 
  • We evade surgical intervention and yet resolve issues like shrunken socket, excessive tissue growth and popping out of artificial eye.
  •  The credibility of our products has successfully served not only patients in India but we are fantastically poised to take on the international market too.
Within our ambit falls the newest offering- Orbital Prosthesis, spectacle prosthesis for cases of exenteration along with facial prosthesis if required including artificial ear and nose.
The construction of your artificial eye involves a step by step procedure. The customized eye crafted out of this method commands greater motility and is extremely comfortable.